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Medical Editor

About OnChart


OnChart is a growing healthcare marketing company that helps medical specialists acquire patients and grow their practices. We accomplish this with an innovative mix of medical education and modern marketing methods, including: web design, search engine optimization, social media, digital advertising, and print. Although our work certainly benefits the physicians that partner with us, our primary goal is to provide patients with education that helps them make better medical decisions, improve their health, and live better lives.


Working With OnChart


OnChart provides a unique way for aspiring medical professionals to contribute to healthcare and learn more about the medical specialties that they’re interested in (and get paid for it!). We are a fully remote company that offers comfortable deadlines and flexible hours.

Medical Editor Role

At OnChart, our Medical Editors are responsible for generating original articles that help patients (and physicians) better understand their conditions and their treatment options. Our Medical Editors value patient education and honest reporting. They are eager to learn, eager to teach, and empathize with the patient experience. They’re also solid writers that can simplify complex topics for lay audiences.

OnChart articles are made available to the public on the websites of our physicians, and are intended to be discovered by patients researching their conditions on Google or social media. Our articles are based on credible medical literature, with an emphasis on clinical evidence and patient outcomes. This approach creates a non-biased resource for patients, and is a real differentiator in the cacophony of online ‘medical advice.’

Our Medical Editors are comfortable with virtually any medical topic, and are able to educate themselves as needed using Google Scholar, PubMed, and other research tools. You can visit these links to see examples of OnChart content:

  1. Hysterectomy for Fibroids: Pros and Cons

  2. Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD): Minimally Invasive Treatment

  3. Food Allergies: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment



  • Education – Medical student or pre-med student pursuing a degree in biomedical sciences

  • Curiosity – Interested in topics related to the practice of medicine and the patient experience

  • Literature Research – Capable of identifying and properly interpreting medical publications

  • Evidence – Understanding of and appreciation for clinical evidence

  • Translation – Ability to simplify complex medical topics for lay audiences

  • Writing – Demonstrated writing skills


  • Minimum 1 article per month, 2 or more preferred

  • Around 1000 words per article

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